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Slovenian Beekeeping

I never expected my passion for Slovenia to have a life past the most wonderful warm vintage I spent there in 2003. Those memories sustained me for many years, until by chance years later I met and fell in love with a native of sorts. We returned together in 2018, young in our beekeeping career we noticed the “bee apartments” all over their countryside.

Here is some information about these beehives:

Then we noticed hops everywhere, and finally we put 2-and-2 together on our way home. Bees, hops and honey are a match made in heaven. Hops for bee health and honey for beer. Another match made in heaven (the creative team at 5 Fat

Upon arrival home we bought some hops plants. Who knew what Pandora’s box we were opening!! Now we are in the R&D phase of developing our own beer that uses both our hops and honey. One day (in my daydreams) it might even be 5 Fat Bees worthy

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