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About 5 Fat Bees

Our History

We believe in natural beekeeping which means we keep our hives in the one place cutting out the bees exposure to different environments or potential diseases. 

Our bees flourish in a colourful and diverse environment and we believe, letting the bees do their thing, without us sticking our nose in too much, is the key to getting the sweetest honey.

Of course their health and well-being is right up there on our list of priorities, that’s why we’re roommates. Well not exactly, but we do live on the same property as our bees, allowing us to check on them on the daily.

When it comes to the honey, it’s extracted using minimal filtration and no heat. In non-beekeeping terms that means that your honey is as close to what was in the hive as we can get. It will have some pollen and maybe a little wax.

But the most important thing you need to know is that when you buy our honey you’re getting a limited edition. We make a single batch per season and once it’s gone it’s gone so you snooze you lose!

Want to find out more about our bee-utiful (see what I did there) beekeeper Kath, and what started her love for bees? Click below.

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